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I’ve found tremendous value in Coffee Meetings with customers over the years.  So much value in fact that I’ve titled my new book The Coffee Code: How a simple meeting over coffee can introduce you to a world of career opportunities. After your students meet me on your campus they’ll no doubt see a Starbucks in a different light the next time they walk in.

Basically the key here is the actual request for a coffee meeting. Or continued requests. Because this is a part of the process that does not get old and one that should be enjoyed and utilized for an entire career. What I share with students is to not wait for an interview at their preferred employer to show up on a hiring platform or on Reddit. Because the cooler that job opening is, the less likely that it will be shared to the masses online.  Go out and get a coffee meeting on your own wit someone at that company of interest on your terms today–and on your schedule.

A coffee meeting is an informal get together for a brief period of time with someone you’d like to meet to develop a relationship with and further build your network. Remember, you identified this person you’re now drinking next to because they fit the description of someone you wanted to get to know at your target company. This person will NOT have a job opening to fill, but do not be surprised of that outcome shifts.

The request is simple and it’s done via LinkedIn assuming you don’t have that person’s email address: “I’m a senior at Penn State and I’m looking for some advice and would love to hear more about what drives you to succeed. May I buy you a cup of coffee sometime soon?” This invite needs to go out to an extensive list but understand that only a select few will respond. And NEVER take if personally that someone doesn’t take the time to respond.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day for any of us. But why will some respond?  Because just a few short years ago, they were in the same boat as you.

More to follow on Coffee Meetings but giving your seniors Starbucks Gift Cards never sounded so good.