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Marc Reede is passionate about helping college students realize their full potential beyond the classroom. Consistently ranked as a top college speaker, he brings the perfect balance of an energizing audience-interactive motivational speech combined with real-world experiences and credibility. Marc’s heartwarming stories and passionate delivery will not only serve to lessen students’ worries about their future, they’ll walk out with practical ideas to put to use immediately.

The business and life lessons that Marc has experienced have direct application to college seniors looking to transition to and succeed in today’s competitive business world: 30 years as an entrepreneur experiencing both sensational business successes and severe failures. Running a small business that has put him behind the scenes with the true American icons of business and sports. Hiring and nurturing new talent eager to learn and win every single day. Using real-life experiences as examples, the key concepts that Marc shares in his high-energy college speeches and interactive workshops focus on the art of building and retaining a network of connections, the importance of having a mentor-figure in your life, and the understanding that failure is an option. Marc stresses the fact that this is an ongoing routine that once learned, becomes much easier the next time. And he challenges students with action items to better prepare them for this comprehensive process. Stories about Marc’s famous clients are sprinkled through the program: the unique way that Magic Johnson found his business mentors is a classic, and a touching account of how Venus Williams had a profound effect on Marc’s life puts this talk into perspective with an emotional close.

Speaking topics include:


Would you hire you?

Asking college students to look in the mirror and feel comfortable that this is the person you want to represent your interests.

Making the Connection

Helping college seniors understand the importance of making connections in school, on a plane, in line at Starbucks, and then using platforms like LinkedIn to not only develop that network of contacts but to continually touch them all.

Find a Mentor

Identify those in your inner circle with the realization that your best Mentor candidate may just be one of your professors.

Limited Degrees of Separation

Making a list of those you’ve already met along the way will reveal that your reach in the business world is much wider than you think.

The Little Things that Make a Difference

How a simple handwritten note can open doors that once were closed.

Turn that Coffee Meeting into an Interview

It may have started as a mere request for coffee to a star on your wish-list, but take advantage of any chance to get in front of a prospective employer, business partner, or mentor to thoroughly impress. Inspire them to help you.

Change is the Only Constant that You Can Count On

This is the true test of life getting in the way of our passions. Change is inevitable, but how you deal with change and make it work to your advantage is key.

Creating Your Own Brand

College seniors come from a diverse realm of schools, backgrounds, and motivating factors. But they all have the same dreams, goals, wants, and desires to succeed in some way. Establish Me, Inc. to separate yourself from others vying for the same positions by identifying your true strengths and using these strengths to your gain.

Failure is an Important Part of this Game

Rejection will put you in a much better position to prepare to get a win from the next opportunity.

Advantage: You

While it surely may feel that the world is against you right now, you’re in such an envious position as a college senior about to graduate that this world is all yours for the taking.

If You Want It Bad Enough, You Better Ask For It

The importance of closing the deal and simply asking for the job.

Sharing Your Gift

While this quest for success may appear to be solely about personal gain, your true fulfillment will come as you learn the importance of giving back to others.

During Marc’s keynote speech, your students will enjoy advice videos from key influencers like Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook’s first Chief Marketing Officer: