"Having Marc Reede - The Essential Mentor - as your campus keynote speaker is like having 10 high-paid influencers address your students in one affordable package."
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Why Invite Marc Reede as a Speaker to your College Campus?

When Marc first told his good friend Danny Meyer (founder of Shake Shack and owner of some of the highest rated restaurants in New York City) of his interest in writing a book and speaking to college students about their transition into the real world, Danny quickly asked: Why you?

It’s a terrific question. Danny Meyer penning a book and speaking on the subject of Hospitality and Customer Service is a no brainer. What gives Marc Reede the credibility and know-how to share some of life’s great lessons with college seniors? The answer is simple:

  • Marc is a serial entrepreneur who started his own business after law school, and he’s got 30+ years to draw life’s lessons from that bridge the gap of generational differences.  Marc notes exacting similarities between the role of a college senior searching for a job opportunity and the sales tasks that Marc performs on a daily basis to make deals in a competitive industry.
  • Marc’s career as a lecture agent has not only spanned over 7,500 corporate speaking engagements for over one million convention attendees, it has put him behind the scenes with some of the most important motivational voices in America: Magic Johnson, Simon Sinek, Reshma Saujani, Gary Vaynerchuk, Peyton Manning, Daymond John, Peter Diamandis, Lindsey Vonn, and so many more. Marc shares some of the inspiring stories he’s learned from these iconic figures.
  • Many of Marc’s iconic speaking clients have prepared exclusive advice videos that Marc plays for students during his programs.  These short tapes have proven to be the highlight of a Marc Reede appearance.
  • Marc continues to play the role of mentor and trusted voice to his own kids, both of whom are recent college graduates with dreams and desires for their own futures.
  • The student responses after Marc’s speeches prove the value of his continually reaching college graduates with words of encouragement.

Knowing that college campuses are filled with the minds of our future hungry for guidance and mentoring, Marc’s mission is clear: to share both the business lessons he’s experienced and the messages that he’s had the privilege of learning from the very best with college students preparing to embark on the greatest journey of their lives.

As a speaker on the campuses of numerous colleges and universities, Marc is able to fulfill that goal and aim these young people in a positive direction with messages that have moved so many to action.