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Don’t ever think that something you did in furtherance of your career was a waste of time. There’s no wasted time for positive people. Here’s just some of the good about what you just thought was a bad interview:

  1. Out of a ton of applicants, you actually got an interview.
  2. You likely impressed someone just now which means you have a new fan pulling for you in your corner.
  3. These interviewers will no doubt reach out to your references and that’s going to give you great credibility with those already in your corner to show them that you’re out there working the process and getting this started.
  4. You may have thought the interview went poorly, but this company may be about to make you an offer because to them it was a stellar meeting with the perfect candidate.
  5. If you forgot to tell that interviewer something and you’re upset about it, don’t be. The only person who knows you omitted something is YOU.

College keynote speaker Marc Reede presents key tips, messages of inspiration, and important guidelines for juniors and seniors dealing with the transition from campus to career on campuses around the country.