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Let’s face it:  you’re entering a competitive environment where a lot of talented young people are striving for work in the same field or at the same company. You want to be a sportscaster? Studies show that Sports Broadcasting is one of the top fields of interest for college grads.  And it’s not just a targeted field for young college grads…

Put your blinders on and don’t listen to nor pay attention to that noise of naysayers or competition and work as hard as you can to make this opportunity possible for yourself. Knowing that others are in pursuit of the same role will make you into a better candidate. You might remake your promo tape.  You may change the way you’re marketing yourself. You may decide to broaden the net of sports teams and networks and TV and radio stations and production companies that you’ve initially approached. You may realize that having a job as a sales intern at a major league baseball team could potentially land you a role on their local TV or radio production team that could turn this dream into a reality for you. You’ve learned the tricks to get there. And it will happen for you.  You’ve just got to enjoy this ride.

In my business I’ve never listened to the noise of competition. I know who my competitors are and what they do to be successful, but that’s the extent of it. If I worried about my competition each day, I’d make no deals and be focused on the wrong things.  Listening to the noise changes your focus. Your attention is best directed toward making yourself more competitive.