"Having Marc Reede - The Essential Mentor - as your campus keynote speaker is like having 10 high-paid influencers address your students in one affordable package."
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“Your talk was absolutely refreshing. I love that you described it as a ‘Talk from another dad’ because that is truly what it felt like.”
“It was so wonderful to have an honest conversation about my future with someone who knows what to expect.”
“I’ve been struggling with how to build connections in my field of interest. Hearing what you had to say was exactly the push I needed.”
“To see a successful person like yourself upholding the conviction that kindness matters meant alot to me.”
“Being a senior about to graduate and not knowing what I want to do with my life scares the hell out of me. Your constructive life points and advice helped give me a positive outlook on the future…you have some great insight and a humble way of delivering it.”


The Dad You Need


He’s a father with college-aged kids. He’s a successful businessman with 30+ years of experience. And he’s a mentor like none other.

Marc Reede understands the mindset of a college senior worried about taking the next step in life. His heartwarming stories and passionate delivery will not only serve to lessen their worries, they’ll walk out with a better understanding of why this process is so important to their future.


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Marc Reede has had an innate love for all things sports and entertainment. While at UCLA, a close friend on the UCLA Basketball Team with NBA potential asked Marc to be his agent. Marc followed his heart and pursued a career in sports.

At his mentor’s suggestion, Marc took the LSAT and then earned his Law Degree from Loyola Law School with the hope of becoming a sports agent. Post-law school interviews with entertainment law firms and sports management companies revealed a side of the agenting business that didn’t appeal to Marc, and he found himself in his late 20’s struggling to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. Marc then found a new interest working in live television as a Production Associate with NBC Sports and ABC Sports.

These production roles put him in a position of closeness with the local sports teams in Los Angeles, and a chance encounter at age 28… More about Marc

The business and life lessons that Marc has experienced have direct application to college seniors looking to transition to and succeed in today’s competitive business world: 30 years as an entrepreneur experiencing both sensational business successes and severe failures. Running a small business that has put him behind the scenes with the true American icons of business and sports. Hiring and nurturing new talent eager to learn and win every single day. Marc Reede is a passionate College Speaker on Campus to Career Transition who will equip your students with the tools it takes for success in this next phase of their lives.

Using real-life experiences as examples, the key concepts that Marc shares in his high-energy college speeches and interactive workshops focus on the art of building and retaining a network of connections, the importance of having a mentor-figure in your life, and the understanding that failure is an option. Marc stresses the fact that this is an ongoing routine that once learned, becomes much easier the next time. And he challenges students with action items to better prepare them for this comprehensive process. Stories about Marc’s famous clients are sprinkled through the program: the unique way that Magic Johnson found his business mentors is a classic, and a touching account of how Venus Williams had a profound effect on Marc’s life puts this talk into perspective with an emotional close.

Marc Reede’s Campus to Career Transition Program discussion points include:

  • Asking students to look in the mirror and feel comfortable that this is the person you want to represent your interests (Would You Hire You?).
  • Understanding the importance of making connections, developing a network of contacts, and continually touching them all.
  • Your best Mentor may be a professor or someone you connect with every day.
  • Your reach in the business world currently is so much wider than you think.
  • How a simple handwritten note can open doors that once were closed.
  • Change is inevitable, but how you deal with change and make it work to your advantage is key.
  • Creating your own brand “Me, Inc.” to separate yourself from the competition by identifying your strengths and using them to your gain.
  • How rejection will put you in a much better position to prepare to get a win from the next opportunity.
  • The importance of The Close and of simply asking for a job.


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“Not The Dad You Want, The Dad You Need”


……with then-Lakers Head Coach Pat Riley gave Marc the opportunity to start his own business. Thus began a 30-year career for Marc as a lecture agent that would expose him on an up close and personal level with some of America’s most prolific athletes, entrepreneurs, and writers. The stories that Marc has heard firsthand from Bill Gates, Magic Johnson, Venus Williams, Neil Armstrong and so many more have equipped him with motivational and inspirational wisdoms that few get the chance to share at this level. Marc’s longstanding passion for sports led both of his children to college: his daughter played tennis at The University of Southern California while his son swam for Boston College. And because a mentor was so instrumental during and after Marc’s college days, Marc Reede is devoted to assisting college seniors with this transition in their lives today as a popular college speaker.


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