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Don’t overthink things–especially now.

Yes, the pandemic has changed a lot of things–especially potential job opportunities for you.  We’ve all heard the stories of the friend from school who got a great job back in February and then once this hit, the job was gone. But my business is just like the job that you have right now.  I search out leads.  The leg-up that I USED to have on you was that I have longstanding relationships that I’ve developed with my customers over the years.  But as it turns out, the reason that that friend of yours didn’t get the job of her dreams was because my 20-year business relationship at that company was the one who hired her–and he lost his job when that company was forced to downsize.

So now we’re in this together.  And I can’t overthink things and worry about something that might or might not happen. I need to make things happen for myself.  By being creative and realizing that the world out there today is not the same world that it was in February of this year.

So let’s go back to what made you successful in the first place. Back to the reason that companies wanted you to apply for their opportunities. Do the basics: add to your Linkedin Profile, add to your resume, and then reach out to as many places you can to get your foot in the door–but understand that you’ll need to work a little bit harder this time around because that game has changed.  No–there are not less companies hiring right now; they’re still out there but you just have to take the time to identify them and then touch them. Again and again.  Because that is what it’s going to take to do business today and in the future.