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I was at a recent keynote speech with Steve Cadigan. Steve’s a Global Talent Strategist who led the development of LinkedIn’s legendary company culture.
When he started with Linkedin they would take tables at job fairs in hopes of recruiting people–and everyone flocked to the Google and Twitter tables because a Business Relationships company just wasn’t cool enough.
Steve studies talent and employment and he notes that EVERY company is struggling with hiring and retaining talent issues right now. The world of work has really shifted. People will not stay longer in companies in the future.
Because of technology, Talent can see more opportunities available now than anytime in history.  This is not a generational mindset–it affects all ages of employees–its a Macroeconomic shift.
How does this affect you? This is why it is ESSENTIAL to increase your level of relationship-building now. There will be a consistent need for new workers in every field and you need to be prepared to enter a company on a moment’s notice. Continually update your current contacts on what you’ve been up to: new projects you’ve been working on or saw through to completion, new goals, new interests…  These updates will be seen by your connections and trust me, someone will reach out to you!
Technology is shifting, so skill needs at companies are changing. Younger employees with a keen understanding of tech advances will constantly be in demand.