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Collaboration in business is so very important to the success process.
As a lecture agent, I am constantly called upon by meeting professionals looking to raise the bar at their upcoming meetings. Fresh, Unique, and WOW are common adjectives in this search. And since so many meeting professionals are savvy buyers who’ve seen just about everything and everyone, the ability to stand out with an awesome idea for this meeting is key.
Just today a corporate meetings director reached out to us looking for a speaker who fits their meeting theme “The Art of Teamwork” and who could also add an interactive piece for this large audience that hadn’t gotten together in over 2 years.
Phil Hansen is a Creativity keynote speaker. He’s an artist whose abilities seemingly became limited when he was diagnosed with a tremor in his hand because of nerve damage. But Phil was able to embrace his limitations and think inside the box to become an even stronger artist who now speaks about embracing your limitations. As part of Phil’s keynote speech, he adds an interactive piece where each attendee makes a smart-phone drawing that Phil collects and builds into a beautiful final mosaic image with each individual drawing.
I knew that Phil was the right speaker for this job. But simply my knowledge of this fact–in a highly competitive environment–isn’t enough to get me to the finish line. Sometimes that assist from a friend, a business associate, a classmate, even someone you may view as a competitor–can help you to get something you want in life. Look how Phil Hansen creatively collaborates with me to help make my job easier: https://vimeo.com/738795898/59503a4828
So yes, this story is about Phil Hansen and how unique his programs are.  But it’s moreso about the fact that we can all help each other to get to where we want to go. Success looks much different to each of us but that assist looks the same. It’s okay to ask for that help.