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I enjoyed a recent interview between New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Bellichick and Bob Baffert. Bob Baffert is the most famous horse trainer in the business today.  He’s won 6 Kentucky Derbys and there’s no doubt he’ll win more.  But in a hugely competitive field–much like your world right now as you’re looking for a job opportunity or searching out a business partner or investor–Bob Baffert has a simple approach: He comes to work every morning and concentrates on what he has to do, he blocks out the noise, and then he knows that he’ll continue to be successful.

Funny enough I share with students how I “put  blinders on” to block out that noise of my competition.  To lessen the periphery.  To give me a straightforward path with no obstructions.  I know what I need to do each day and I get it done. There’s an awful lot of noise out there right now that can easily take you off of your path to success. Find a way to block out that noise and get the job done.  Let them be worrying about you; not the reverse.