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I had the pleasure to address 250 of Long Beach State University’s Business School seniors last week at a private Country Club here in Los Angeles, and as I looked out at this vast audience of future leaders and their business mentors I saw a group that was excited to learn and prepared to take the next step in life. I’ve added new advice videos from more of my influencer clients to the mix now, and these students got a chance to hear from a series of business icons with their tips to success after college or grad school.  This group enjoyed short clips from Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer,  NFL’s newest Hall of Famer Tony Gonzales (who grew up in nearby Huntington Beach), Randi Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg’s sister and the 5th employee at Facebook) and more.  I’m constantly changing my speech to adapt to a particular audience’s key interests; lots of questions from these young men and women about finding the right mentor and how best to approach a potential contact who isn’t responding to emails and LinkedIn messages. This game is all about numbers and trusting the process.  We’ll make it work together!