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As a college speaker, I’m constantly looking for ways to get better: speak to larger audiences of college seniors and grad students, craft my keynote speech to be even more memorable than the last one, try to leave this audience with the tools that they need to go out in the world and succeed.

In the process of doing just this, I found myself recently practicing what I preach to students at my keynote speeches–I found a mentor to guide me through the process. The fact is that we all may likely have many mentors in life who will be willing to share advice, help, direction for whatever we may need.  But like you all, I felt at a bit of a loss to take the next step in my campus speaking career, and I reached out to one of the most popular speakers on college campuses I knew to ask for advice:  Jaymin Patel.  The fact that I’m double Jaymin’s age had ZERO to do with this process. I needed help and I knew that he had the “secret sauce” to success in this endeavor. So I went for it.

When we identify individuals to help us with a quest, it’s not always easy to reach them.  I knew Jaymin’s website ( www.jayminspeaks.com ) and I had tried to connect with him on Linkedin, but I had never met him. So I emailed and I called and I used LinkedIn as best I could.  A few months later I get a random email from Jaymin Patel.  He lets me know that he lives in Bali with his family but he comes here to The States 4 times a year and addresses 20 or so campus audiences during each of those short trips.  Jaymin tells me that he’s reviewed my website and my information and he has some important ideas that he’d like to discuss with me. So he shares his next travel plans with me and I fly to The Phoenix Airport to shake hands with Jaymin for 20 minutes during his layover to Albuquerque. And what an amazing 20 minutes it was (for me at least!).

Jaymin helped me that day–and on subsequent monthly calls, emails, and texts–to find a better niche for my talks. What once was effectively me giving a broad talk on “The Transition from Campus to Career” has now become “Behind the Scenes with Influencers as they offer Advice on Mentors, Networking, and Rejection.”  Jaymin made me realize that assist and mentorship is only an email or a touch away; you just have to be willing to put in the time to make sure that email or touch gets in the hands of the right person. And Jaymin has also made an advice video for me that I share with college seniors and grad students on so many college campuses today. He talks about the importance of becoming a Rockstar Candidate when you meet with prospective employers or business startup partners or investors in your idea. And he gives you the tools to make that dream of yours a reality.