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Last week I was in New York City with my good friend and client Danny Meyer.  Not only is Danny the owner of 15 mega-successful restaurants in New York City, he founded the hugely successful Shake Shack chain of hamburger restaurants 10 years ago when Danny simply wanted to raise money to clean up a run down park in Manhattan by opening a single hot dog shack in the middle of that park.  The results were lines around the park and an original Shake Shack in Madison Square Park that currently donates one million dollars a year to keep that park and others beautified.  And in the process a restaurant empire was formed.  When I spend time with Danny either on the road at speaking engagements or in his offices in New York, the topic of advice to college seniors and grad students always comes up.  We filmed a new video for my college speaking last week–and Danny shares the fact that at this point in your lives, it’s important to listen to where your love is, your passion is, and where your gifts are. Just because you were interested in something in college does not mean that’s what you need to do next.

I love hearing advice from others.  Doesn’t matter if they’re famous or not.