"Having Marc Reede - The Essential Mentor - as your campus keynote speaker is like having 10 high-paid influencers address your students in one affordable package."
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Over the last 30 years I’ve had the unique opportunity to book keynote speakers from a wide range of backgrounds: former Presidents, Astronauts, Olympic Gold Medalists, Everest Summiteers, Business Icons, Sports Legends and more.  Today, as a keynote speaker to college seniors and grad students myself, I not only share stories of what to expect in the real world after college, I bring students behind the scenes with me to hear advice from these titans of industry.  I’ve made short video clips of these keynote speakers of prominence–from Magic Johnson to Randi Zuckerberg (Mark’s sister), Shark Tank Shark Daymond John to Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer, Rent the Runway founder Jenny Fleiss to Morgan Stanley Vice Chairman Carla Harris, and so many more.  My speech to students is effectively a look “Behind the Scenes with Influencers on Mentorship, Networking, and Rejection” that combines my inspiring stories with these short video advice clips for a memorable and important  hour. As my mentor in this process Jaymin Patel says, “getting Marc Reede as your speaker is like having 10 high-paid influencers on your stage at one time.”