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I often find myself in the company of decision-makers in my quest to make as many deals as I can in my business. And I’ve found one thing to be certain in those meetings: I MUST ask for the business.  Because if I don’t ask for it, my competition surely will.  

Most of my business dealings though are on the phone or via email.  Your dealings will likely be in-person.  Wow.  When I can get one on one time live with a customer, I know that I can shine. When you get that prized-possession of a live interview, you need to take every advantage of that time with a prospective employer to share as much as you can about yourself and your strengths and why this position is right for you.  And you certainly don’t have to wait until the end of the interview to ask the most important question. And you can phrase that question in many different ways.

How do you see me fitting into this role?  What’s it going to take for me to join this company? I feel that my strengths are a perfect fit for this opportunity; do you agree? Or just flat out: when can I start?

It’s been said that “you’ve got one shot, do not miss this chance because opportunity comes once in a lifetime…”  Assume that you are at this interview to impress THIS person and get THIS job.  Yes there certainly will be more should this one not work out. But let’s maximize your time and their time anytime you’re invited to shake hands.